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Novint Falcon Standard Bundle - White

Novint Falcon Standard Bundle - White
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Model: Falcon
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The Novint Falcon is an entirely new type of game controller. Replacing your mouse or joystick, the Falcon is, essentially, a small robot that lets you experience true virtual touch unlike any controller in history.


The Novint Falcon lets you control a game in three dimensions, and also lets you feel high-fidelity three-dimensional force feedback. The Falcon controller moves right and left, forwards and backwards, like a mouse, but also moves up and down. When you hold the Falcon’s detachable Grip and move your cursor to interact with a virtual object, environment, or character, motors in the device turn on and are updated approximately 1000 times a second, letting you feel texture, shape, weight, dimension, and dynamics. The Falcon lets you control and interact with games in more realistic way, allowing you to develop real physical skill and muscle memory, adding a new dimension to gaming.


With the Novint Falcon 3D Touch controller, you can feel a realistic sense of touch in all of your video games. Whether you game for fun or as a competitive gamer, the Falcon will bring a new level of immersion and control to your gaming experience. It will even bring back new life to old games. Quick exchangeable grips (handles) will further enhance the immersive experience.


Wide Variety of Games

Novint has developed support for over 50 titles, and many more are being added. Using Novint's new F-Gen drivers, the Falcon can be used to play any PC game, and enhanced force settings for many games are being continually created. It can even be used to control Windows, and standard interactions like web browsing, word processing or spreadsheets.

Novint’s Community

When you receive your Falcon, you haven't just bought the most advanced gaming controller on the market. You've also joined a community of gamers who are welcoming and friendly. One of the best things about the Falcon is the community that goes along with it.

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