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Znakowarka Laserowa EV40DS , ciało stałe, pompowany diodą

Znakowarka Laserowa EV40DS , ciało stałe, pompowany diodą
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Dostępność: W magazynie
Model: EV40DS
Producent: Telesis
Karta techniczna: EV40 Technical
Średnia ocena: Brak oceny


The EV40 is a high throughput laser marker featuring a Q-switched Nd:YV04 diode pumped, aircooled
laser design with high speed digital galvo scanners. This laser provides high quality laser
beam characteristics including a long focal tolerance combined with up to 2mJ/ pulse energies
and high average powers at 1064nm, allowing these systems to achieve high-speed, rapid deep
marking of metals or composite materials on flat and curved surfaces and offers the user best-inclass
reliability with a low cost of ownership. In addition, the integrated proprietary Merlin®II LS
graphical laser software and optimized electronics make these systems the best solution for many
high speed marking on the fly (MOTF) applications. The robust mechanical and optical design
allows these lasers to operate without
any chiller in an industrial environment
where shock, vibration, and dust are a
concern while maintaining stable output
power. The small footprint allows
for easy integration into manual offline
and automated on-line configurations,
making it ideal for a wide range
of industrial marking applications.

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